100wc week 20

This week I’m hoping you have some help with using verbs and adverbs!

You should include the following prompt phrase anywhere in your writing:

…we were moving very fast when …

Things to consider:

  • Where were you going?
  • Does speed make a difference?
  • What would changing the speed do?

As it’s half term, if I receive any entries by Monday 19th February, I will award you with 20 team points.

My 100wc

”Right kids were shall we go first?” questioned mum.

”Lets go to the Pier!” shouted Jack the youngest child.

”No lets go to the beach!” screamed Josh.

”Mum I want to go to the beach!” screamed Josh.

”No, we’re going to the Pier! shouted Jack

”Ok boys, stop shouting,”said mum in a calm voice.

”NO!”screamed Jack and Josh.

”Right you two, then we’ll have to compromise,”shouted mum.

”But I don’t want to compromise!”shouted Jack and Josh.

”Why don’t we both put up stalls and ask people for votes?”questioned mum.

”Yeah, why not,”answered Jack and Josh.

A while  later mum shouted ”STOP!”

”When Jack counted his votes he had 99 votes and when Josh counted his votes he had 98 votes.

”Ok,” said mum “Jack wins so we’re going to the Pier.”

So off they went to the Pier.


100wc Homework

“Holly, what are you wearing to the disco?” asked Isobel.

“Oh I’m not telling you,” replied Holly,” you will have to find out!”

“Mum, Holly won’t tell me what she’s wearing to the disco.” moaned Isobel.

“You can’t make people do things your way Isobel.” said Mum calmly

“I’m buying a big chocolate cake!” said Holly.

“Mum, I want one too,” insisted Isobel,” I want a big chocolate cake.”

“Isobel do you think there will be face paint?” asked Holly

“If there is I want a butterfly,” said Isobel,” what about you?”

“I want a flower with pink.” said Holly.


100 word challenge

One day some aliens landed on earth and hid inside some statues that look like birds.

“I heard that on earth there is a thing called a Big Mac and I want one”said the  child

“Ok lets sneak in and get three of them”whispered mum.

“How are we going to get in there though”shouted dad

“I know lets wait until somebody comes out with one  and steal it from them”groaned the child ,i’m hungry”

“Look here comes one now , get it quick” bossed dad

“Oh no a seagull got it first let’s run  back to the space ship  “screamed mum.


  1. “Hey son!” Said the Dad,”let’s play a game,what do you want to play?”

“EYE SPY!” Replied the son,”I’ll go first,I spy something beginning with P,”

“is it a pavement?” Asked Mum

“nope,” he said

“Is it people?” Questioned his father

“YES!” He exclaimed

“My go,” said Dad “I spy something beginning with K,”

“I know I know a kite?” Said the son

“No,one more try,” Dad said

“a Car?” Muttered Mum

“No it’s not a  Car,”said Dad

“It’s a Cat!”said dad, “look there’s one over there!”

“Oh yes I see it now,I’ve not seen a cat in ages!” Said Mum


100 wc

During the summer at statue airport there were three statues waiting. Ding dong “can passengers on flight 123 please move to gate 4”. “Dad is that us?” Excitedly said Liam.

“No, we’re on flight 321 going to Rome” said Dad.

“what we going to do?” questioned Liam .

“We’re going to go to see the coliseum” said Mum. “OMG” said Liam “I’m so excited!”

“Will they be fighting?” said Liam.

“Yes.” Said dad. Ding dong “Dad is that us.”

“Listen.” said dad. “Can passengers on flight 254 go to gate 3”

“That’s us” said dad and off they rolled.

100wc – Isobel

“Hey Mum, what are we doing on Saturday?” questioned Bobby as he stood with his parents waiting for the 484 bus home.

“Well, we are going into Singapore centre” mum then asked “Are you OK with that?”

“OOHH yes I’m fine with that” whispered Dad. He was keen to spend time in his favourite place, The Gardens By The Bay.

Bobby happily replied “YES! What time shall we leave?” Mum looked at Dad and smiled “We need to ask your dad that question. He will want to visit the gardens”

“As early as possible ” replied Dad with a cheesy grin.

After a short think mum said “How about no later than 8am?”


One sunny day a family was discussing the youngest child’s birthday.

Mummy said “We need to think about where we should have the party?”

The eldest child said “We also need to think about balloons, presents, cake and who to invite.”

Mummy said “don’t forget the food!”

Eldest child said “we have a lot to do to make it a special day.”

Daddy said to Mummy “I will go and get the cake and balloons and you can do the food for the picnic.”

Mummy said to the eldest child “You need to write the invitations and send them out.”



One day, there was a family that was stuck to the ground. The family had been there for a while now, and the little boy, Jack, was bored out of his mind. He always played football, but he couldn’t do it now. The only thing he was good at, whilst he was stuck to the ground was being the goalie.

“Mum, I really want to play football again,” Jack said sadly.

His mother replied,”Sometimes, we have to face the challenges in life, and work together.”

Despite not being able to play football, Jack’s mum gave him an big inspirational smile.


One day in statue town dad statue,mum statue and kid statue were looking for their cat whiskers.

“urrgh we’ve  searched  tesco the rail way station even every street near

us it no use!”said mum statue

“There is one place we’ve not searched.our next door neighbors house maybe they’ve seen them?”said dad statue.

“RING ring ring ring”oh ok it’s there back at our house ok”said mum statue

“Well cause he’s been found (at our house)can we get a milk shake at that cafe coffe over there?” Said kid statue

“erm yes yes we can beacause whiskers the cat is safe now so who wants what?” Asked dad statue

So alls well ends well.